Supporting Academic Success: An Integrated Approach

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The Hollins QEP Р Supporting Academic SUCCESS: An Integrated Approach, emphasizing the components of student well-being essential for academic success


Area One: Effectively Managing One’s Time and Setting Goals

  • Student Success Leaders will offer sessions on time management and goal setting during First-Year Seminars.
  • Academic Success Tutors at the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) will offer time management and goal setting assistance in spring term.

Area Two: Learning Strategies to Overcome Obstacles and Thrive Academically

  • The CLE will offer expanded services.
  • Departments will hold annual department major meetings and may select senior peer advisors.

Area Three: Practicing Self-Care: Necessary Rest, Nutrition, and Physical Activity

  • Physical Education activity courses will include two modules on the importance of rest, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • Students will be required to take one PE activity course by the end of their third semester.

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