Experiment and Explore: Science Seminar

For rising 9th-12th-grade girls:

Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 22, 2023

Spend a week of your summer at Hollins University in our renovated Dana Science Building. Experiment and Explore is for all budding scientists! You’ll have experience in biology, chemistry, and environmental science along with being able to delve deeper into scientific topics that you are passionate about including forensic science, ecology, and health science. 

Apply Now 

Residential: $1,050
Day (9 am – 5 pm): $500


John McLaughlinjohn Mclaughlin, biology and anatomy

  • Has a bachelor’s degree from Roanoke College and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in Science Education with a specialty in biotechnology from Virginia Tech University.
  • Studied as a paleobotanist with Crow Canyon Archeological Center in Colorado.
  • Previously worked at the Smithsonian and the Science Museum of Western Colorado.
  • Current research is in communicating high frequency water quality monitoring data through art with a group of colleagues at Virginia Tech in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Engineering Education, the School of Architecture and Design, and the Perspective Gallery.



Brian ReevesBrian Reeves, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Hollins University

  • Has a B.S. in chemistry from James Madison University and a Ph.D. in materials chemistry from Colorado State University.
  • Interested in designing and synthesizing new materials for flexible and transparent electronics applications.
  • Current work at Hollins is focused on synthesizing new hybrid nanosheets for use in flexible solar cells. The project aims to improve upon a component of organic solar cells called the electron transport layer, by combining components from organic and inorganic solar cells. The overall goal is to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of flexible solar cells.