Senior Art History Symposium

2023 Art History Senior Symposium
Art History majors, Spring 2023

As their capstone project, Senior Art History majors spend the fall semester researching, workshopping, writing, and editing a thesis paper on a topic of their choosing. In the spring semester, they craft their thesis paper into a public presentation. Through this process, they gain confidence with public speaking and learn the art of presenting their ideas in a clear, concise manner. The Symposium provides the whole Hollins community with the chance to share in our students’ success and celebrate them as emerging art historians.

2023 Art History Senior Symposium poster

VaseRecent topics:

  • “A Shift in Perspective: The Evolution of Women in American Art”
  • “The Paradox of Femininity in the Portraits of Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun”   
  • The Creation and end of Las Hilanderas: Diego Velazquez’s Influences and Pursuits”
  • Remember Me: How Appalachian Quilters Promote Feminism and Identity”
  • “‘A Beautiful Body and a Beautiful Mind:’ Florentine Women in Quattrocento Portraiture”
  • “Unbuilt Modernity: Florence and the Visionary Architecture of Superstudio and Archizoom”
  • “The Implications of Architectural Style in the Gilded Age: Biltmore House and Maymont Mansion”
  • “A Matter of Class: Sin Yun-bok’s Depictions of Kisaeng as Participants of Everyday Life”
  • “Artificial Archives: Memory and Ephemera in Installation Art”
  • “Binary Opposition: Greek Myths on Greek Pottery and Etruscan Hand Mirrors”
  • “A Paradox of Forms: Feline Goddesses as Protectors and Destroyers”
  • “A Lack of History. A Lack of Land. A Lack of Art? Jewish Art in Diaspora”
  •  “Between Heaven and Earth: Collective Memory Across Time and Place in the Quilts of Harriet Powers