Harassment Grievance Processes Including Title IX

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Hollins University’s primary concern is the community’s well-being and ability to participate equally in educational and employment opportunities. Within the context of its mission statement, Hollins University strives to recognize human dignity, and is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities to all persons, regardless of sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), race, color, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, age, and political and religious beliefs.

It is the goal of Hollins University that, when possible, individuals have a responsibility to resolve conflicts between or among themselves. Hollins will strive to create an environment that promotes mature discussion and resolution of issues, and expects that the members of the Hollins community will strive to do the same. All members of the campus community should work to understand that what is perceived as unwelcome conduct by one individual may not be similarly perceived by another where differences of attitude, beliefs, experiences, and/or culture apply. If and when, unwelcome conduct is believed to have occurred, internal policies, process, procedures, people, education, and training are in place to report and investigate complaints; provide prompt, equitable, and remedial action to resolve complaints; and provide on- and off-campus assistance and resources to support complainants and respondents.

Hollins University Harassment Policy

Hollins University Harassment Policy (PDF)

Sexual Harassment Under Title IX Policy (PDF)

Harassment Policy Brochure (PDF)


Harassment Grievance Board

How to Submit a Bias Incident Report