Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll help you make the transition to life in a residence hall a smooth one.

Rooms and Residence Halls

How do I submit a maintenance request?

  • Log in to Select the Maintenance Request Form from the Quick Links section.
  • Building and maintenance calls in residence halls are conducted between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

When can students start arriving in the fall and spring semesters?

Refer to Important Dates for the opening and closing dates for each semester, and also for Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks.

What if I get locked out of my room/apartment?

  • Call a roommate for access to the residence hall and/or room.
  • If a roommate isn’t available, contact the CA on duty between 6:30 pm and 8:30 am through the CA office (x6312) or the CA duty cell phone (540-556-5747).
  • If those options don’t work, contact Campus Security.

Students are allowed three “free” lock-outs each academic year.

What do I do if I lose my building/room keys or ID card?

Contact Campus Security, who will contact the on-call Housing and Residence Life staff to initiate a lock change. Refer to the current student handbook (PDF) for core change costs.

Campus Security can replace lost ID cards and has the final authority on charges.

Who can I contact if I have a residence emergency?

After 6:30 pm, call the CA office (x6312) or the CA cell phone (540-556-5747) for assistance.

Campus Security is available 24 hours a day. Call 540-362-6419 for nonemergencies and 540-362-6911 for emergencies.

What will be in my room when I arrive?

Hollins provides each student with these furnishings:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Dresser
  • Standard-size twin bed (mattress and frame)
  • Apartment Village and East: extra-long twin bed (mattress and frame)
  • Closet

What to Bring

What if there is furniture missing or a problem with my room when I arrive?

Contact your community assistant (CA). Be sure to submit your room/apartment condition report within 48 hours of your arrival, or you’ll forfeit any right to contest damage assessments when you check out.

Will my room be cleaned?

All rooms are cleaned and inspected before students arrive. Once you’re here, it’s your responsibility to clean your own room.

Are the rooms carpeted, and will I have curtains?

The main hallways in all residence halls are carpeted. Tinker and Apartment Village rooms have tile floors. West, East, Rath Haus, and Rose Hill rooms have hardwood floors. Carvin, French House, Main, Randolph, and Sandusky rooms have carpet. All buildings have mini blinds.

Will I have cable and Internet access in my room?

The entire campus is furnished with access to cable from Cox Contour. Students can access it from any device – wired or wireless – and on multiple devices simultaneously. Students must provide a television if they wish to connect it to their computer (as well as the appropriate cable connection).  An Ethernet outlet connecting to the Hollins University network is provided in the room for each student; however, students must provide their own Ethernet cables. All residence halls are wireless.

Can I bring a refrigerator?

Yes, if it is no larger than a 4.5 cubic foot capacity.

A limited number of two-cubic-foot refrigerators are available for rent ($25/term, $50/year). Students who change rooms during the year can take the refrigerator with them. Students incur a $15 fee for not cleaning a refrigerator.

Contact Gloria Bryant at 540-362-6485 or to reserve a refrigerator and allow two weeks for delivery.

What buildings are air-conditioned?

Randolph does not have air-conditioning in each room, but the hallways are cooled.

When will the heat come on (or be turned off)?

Switchover from heating to cooling
Air conditioning may not begin until the outside temperature has reached 75°F for seven consecutive days.

Switchover from cooling to heating 
Heating may not begin until the high outside air temperature has dropped below at least 55°F for seven consecutive days.

Special problems or hardships with these policies should be addressed to the vice president for finance and administration.

Where will I do laundry?

Tinker has a laundry room on each floor. Randolph’s is on the first floor. Hill House and Front Quad residents use the West laundry facility, located behind West. The Apartment Village has a washer and dryer in each apartment.

Will I have access to a kitchen?

All residence halls have at least one kitchen. Tinker and Main have a kitchen on each floor. The other residence halls have a kitchen near the building’s main lounge. Each apartment has a full kitchen, including appliances.

Can I smoke in my room or apartment?

Smoking is prohibited in all apartments, houses, and residence hall areas.

What is the best way to ship packages to Hollins?

For correct shipping, all shipped packages should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
Hollins University
Box ________
7916 Williamson Road
Roanoke, VA 24020

Online retailers sometimes will not accept a box number with a Hollins University street address. In this case, either:
1. Put the street address first then the Box line.
2. Put your box number after your name.

Please do not ship any packages to Hollins over the summer. Please ship packages as close to your arrival date on campus as possible, because of limited storage.