Hollins provides a living/learning environment, and we want your residence hall life to be positive and fulfilling. Here are some answers to roommate questions that we hear often.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new student. Will I have a roommate, and if so, when will I find out the name of the roommate?

We assign housing to all first-year students based on the information they provide on the New Student Housing Information Form. Students indicate whether they want a double with a roommate or a single. Students selecting the single-room option pay an additional fee for the single. We assign single rooms on a first-come, first-served basis.

In July you’ll receive notification through your Hollins email account of your housing assignment, roommate’s contact information, and any other essential information.

What if I need a housing accommodation for medical reasons?

We make reasonable accommodations to meet the documented need, but we can’t guarantee specific housing requests.

Students requesting accommodations must:

  • Complete the Request for Housing Accommodations form.
  • Have a licensed clinical professional or health care provider complete the Verification Form for Housing Accommodations.
  • Request these forms from the director of housing and residence life.

What should I do if I’m experiencing conflict with my roommate(s)?

We ask that you talk to both your roommate and your community assistant (CA). If this first step is not successful, your CA will seek advice from the assistant director, graduate assistant, or director of housing and residence life.

What if I want to change rooms?

Room changes won’t be granted during the first two weeks of a semester, or in December and May. Before making a change, both roommates must participate in the conflict resolution process with their CA or assistant director, which may result in a renegotiation of the roommate agreement.

Students who still want to change rooms must obtain a room change request form from the assistant director or the director of housing and residence life.

Students must follow the room-change steps outlined in the current student handbook. An unauthorized room change may result in a $100 charge to the student’s account, incurring possible student conduct sanctions.

What is room consolidation?

Room consolidation happens when the housing and residence life staff fills open spaces in multiple-occupancy rooms. Refer to the current student handbook for details.