Placement Tests

Students starting in the fall: Placement tests in mathematics/quantitative reasoning, chemistry, and languages are available between April 1 and June 1. Please complete your tests by May 28 so that we can make sure you are registered for the appropriate class. Placement tests are designed to assess your current level in the subject, so no additional studying or preparation is necessary. Some tests have optional practice material for those who prefer to review prior to the test, but it is not required.

Students starting in the spring: Tests are available until January 13.

Before you go begin the online placement tests:
  • Make sure you’re ready to take the test(s)
  • Read the information on this page
  • Earn elective credits in the sciences

When you’re ready, take the test(s).

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

This test, required of all new students, determines which course(s) you need to fulfill your quantitative reasoning requirements and which mathematics and statistics courses you are eligible to take. For help, use the Quantitative Reasoning Study Packet (PDF).


Take the chemistry placement test if you want to:
  • Pursue a degree in biology or chemistry
  • Pursue a career in a health-related field
  • Fulfill your scientific inquiry or applied quantitative reasoning requirements with a chemistry course


All students must study an ancient or modern language and are required to take the language placement test for all languages studied in high school. See the academic catalog for requirements.

First-year students

  • Take placement tests for all languages studied in high school. Your scores will determine how much language, if any, you will need to take at Hollins.
  • If you received a 4 or a 5 on an advanced placement test, or a 5 or above on an IB higher level test, you have completed Hollins’ language requirement and do not need to take a placement test.

Transfer students who have completed one year of university study in a language have satisfied the language requirement and do not need to take a placement test.

Horizon students with a year of transfer credit in a language have satisfied the language requirement.